Things to protect

An organization cannot be complacent when it is about cybersecurity. Protecting employees, data, and infrastructure is the primary responsibility of an organization. Nowadays, cyber criminals are becoming innovative and companies are doing business globally. Therefore, having a good cybersecurity plan is not an option, which forces the organizations to know what to protect and how to protect.

There are many things to protect, such as people, process, and technology. This section will provide high-level information about things to protect from cyber attacks.

Protect Business

Cybersecurity strategy will be based on your organization's business process to protect your assets and critical information.

Different industries have specific cybersecurity rules and regulations depending on the type of data they store and use. Therefore, a single strategy cannot be applied to all industries.

End User (employee) training

We can stop many security issues by educating employees on the "best security practices". They are the first level of defense for your organization. Train employees on phishing scams, password protection, and physical security. These will help your organization to avoid exposure for any type of cyber threats.

Infrastructure Security

Organization should identify and protect critical infrastructure, such as data center, server, power supply, Cloud application/system, transmission system, cooling systems, and Air conditioning.

Cybercriminals attack your critical systems, so evaluate and develop a contingency plan.

Information Security (IS)

Information security is developing and deploying tools to protect your critical business information from disruption, destruction, and unauthorized modifications. Information security helps organization to protect "confidentiality, integrity, and availability" of your business information.

Network Security

Organization should protect the network from an unauthorized access, modifications and misuse. Intruders always look for an open port on your network to gain access. Implement software and hardware solutions to prevent intruders into your network.

IOT Security

Internet of things (IOT) is nothing but devices that are connected to the Internet. For example, our home smart thermostat, which requires the Internet to function properly. Organizations should come up with policies and baseline security to protect these devices from hackers.