Palermo cyber attack

Palermo city ransomware attack by Vice Society Ransomware group

Southern Italian City Palermo shuts down all system due to a cyber attack on last Friday. Hacker group Vice society claimed that they were behind this attack. Vice Society is known for breaching network through unpatched system. So far city of Palermo have not detailed out about this attack. According to

"Vice Society might hold the personally identifiable information of Palermo’s residents and the sensitive details of anyone who has used the municipality’s digital services."

Palermo is the fifth most populas city in Italy with nearly about 2 million tourists visit every year. At this time, tourists cannot access online bookings for museums.

According to the locat media, Paolo Petralia Camassa, the councillor for innovation in the municipality of Palermo, has said that all systems were shut down and isolated from the network. However, he also warns that the outage may last for a while.

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